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Halloween Horror has become a classic Halloween album, and a bestseller at the iTunes store.
With a total running time of 62 minutes, the album is divided into 10 themed tracks, each
lasting 6 to 8 minutes. It includes Halloween music, spooky ambiances such as thunderstorms
and dripping water, and some terrifying scenes based around a haunted house, torture
chamber, Werewolf forest, Witches Den and the depths of Hell. Sound quality is up there with
any motion picture, and it's receiving rave
reviews at Halloween fan sites. Click the picture for
more information!
Halloween Party is another stunning production lasting 40 minutes. This 4 track album
squeezes as many scary Halloween sounds as possible into each 10 minute scene. Track
one is a fabulous haunted house with all manner of ghostly sounds, track two takes us to a
cemetery where a funeral service is taking place and night falls, track 3 is the ultimate
howling Werewolf soundtrack and track 4 is a mix of castle thunder, howling wind and
dungeon ambiance. This is a great value Halloween album and you can find out more by
clicking the cover picture.
This is a novel twist on the above albums, Halloween Chopped Up is made up of 30 horror
effects. Sound quality is excellent and there is a great variety to choose from including rattling
chains, scuttling rats, evil laughter, ghostly voices and Hell's fire to name but a few. This
album is ideal for creating your own soundtrack, you could play the sounds back-to-back or on
shuffle. Running time is 32 minutes with tracks varying in length from 30 seconds to 3
minutes. Click for the full track listing - preview contains a clip of each Halloween sound effect.  
This 10 minute single is in a league of its own. An unusual concept based around electrical
interference caused by Poltergeist activity. This recording is on par with any movie
soundtrack and it is truly scary. As you can hear from the preview, it makes full use of the
sound stage with wide sweeps and deep bass sounds. This is ideal for playback on your
DVD system, especially if you have surround sound. Poltergeist can currently be
downloaded for as little as $0.99 cents at the iTunes, store so grab it while you can!
Welcome! Nothing makes a Halloween event more exciting than scary sounds and Halloween
music. So here's a selection of high quality Halloween party albums which you can preview by  
Clicking the album covers below. You can listen to samples, read the full track listings and see the
purchase options as they're available at most online stores. Don't miss the advice for making your
own Halloween party soundtrack also. Happy Halloween 2014!   
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One of the breakthrough Halloween albums on iTunes and Spotify 2014! This huge collection of
Halloween sounds and scary music is currently in the top 100 holiday chart, and heres why: It
has everything anyone could possibly need for Halloween, from the Halloween theme and
other creepy music, to some truly shocking horror ambiances in stunning HD. There are deep
bangs and thuds in an upstairs room, caged beasts, demonic chanting, werewolves, screams,
rattling chains, the list goes on....And the beauty of this production is that it's designed to be
played back on shuffle or random play, so you never know what's coming next.